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Hydrangea Bouquet

Hydrangea Flowers, it's come from Holland and Japan, Hydrangea Flowers need more waters to keep it live and it is the best to keep under air-con it's good for the Hydrangea Flowers to keep longer time, unpack the Hydrangea Flowers Bouquet and put the flowers in the vase will be the best, remember change the waters in vase everyday and put more waters.

Brand: Hong Kong Flower Shop Model: HKF-2855
Pink Botany with Purple Thailand Orchids is a Good Combinations Bouquet ..
HK$799.00 HK$779.00
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-2911
A Holland Purple Botany with One Dozen roses beautifully wrap in round shape bouquet ..
HK$849.00 HK$799.00
Colorful Hydrangea Bouquet
-27 %
Brand: Holland Tulips Garden Model: HKF-2688
Three Different color of Botany flowers with fillers beautifully wrapped with a light brown color paper ..
HK$1,029.00 HK$749.00
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3531
8pcs Crystal Blue Roses with 2 mixed color Hydrangea ..
HK$999.00 HK$949.00
Brand: Hong Kong Flower Shop Model: HKF-2857
A Round Holland Bouquet , Life style Bouquet, First Choice for Wedding Anniversary ..
HK$949.00 HK$879.00
Hyacinth Flowers Bouquet Hyacinth Flowers Bouquet
-37 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flower Shop Model: HKF-2875
A Seasonal Hyacinth Flowers Bouquet with different color for special one you love, please place your order two days in advance to make sure that we can order the grade A flowers for you ..
HK$1,349.00 HK$849.00
Hydrangea Cymbidium Bouquet Hydrangea Cymbidium Bouquet
-16 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-2963
A Fantastics Bouquet with One Dozen Roses in Purple Colors Hydrangea and Cymbidium beautifully wrapped in purple packing papers ..
HK$1,249.00 HK$1,049.00
Hydrangea Lilly Bouquet
-23 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-2965
Red Color Lily arrange together with Blue color of Hydrangea, this colorful arrangement is good for ladies birthday ..
HK$979.00 HK$749.00
My Sweet Heart My Sweet Heart
-15 %
Brand: Kong's Flowers Model: HKF-3586
A Perfect Blue Hydrangea with one Doze Roses in Maria Pink Color, it is perfect for your dream lover and pink lady ..
HK$1,379.00 HK$1,179.00